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The 80's and 90's

By 1980, the business had grown to include three small gas stations, the fuel and propane businesses and around fifteen full time employees and a few part time workers.

 In the 1990’s is when the ride really began for the company. This was a decade of great growth. In 1991, Ralph Jr. became manager of Arrick’s Gas and Oil. Because of his youth and enthusiasm Ralph Jr. jumped in with both feet and began taking risks right away. He was very aggressive in his growth ideas, and with the help of some very fine employees, the business expanded rapidly. Ralph Sr. continued to help his son with his knowledge of the business that he had acquired through many years of experience.

During the 1990’s offices in Peebles and Proctorville, Ohio and South Portsmouth, Kentucky were opened to expand the area of service. In addition, during this decade more trucks and tanks were added to keep up with the demand and more employees were added to better serve the growing number of customers.

In 1998, the decision was made to discontinue the gasoline and fuel oil businesses to focus on the growing propane business, changing the name to Arrick's Propane.