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Proudly Propane

Meet Blue

Why do people love the independent, propane-powered life? Blue shares some insight.

Living free has always come naturally to Blue. So when we approached him about speaking on behalf of propane and the independent life it makes possible, he was a perfect fit. As the longtime canine companion of his owner, a propane delivery driver, Blue has learned a lot over the years about clean, reliable propane. Now he’s ready to share some of that wisdom.

It’s clean. It’s reliable. It’s American. 

(You already knew that.)

But did you know that propane can meet just about every energy need, including space heating, water heating, cooking, and clothes drying? It’s easy to see why propane is just so doggone good. 


It gives you Freedom.

Making the rounds with my owner filling propane tanks, I’ve learned that clean, reliable propane gives people the freedom to live where they want and how they want–whether that means a hot bath, a cozy living room, or a perfectly cooked meal.



To find out how propane can benefit you contact your local Arrick's office today!