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Our Beginning

The beginning of the story of Arrick's Propane takes us back sixty five years.

The year was 1952 and Ralph Arrick (Sr.) had finished college and had been teaching and coaching for three years at a small high school in Southern Ohio. At the time money was hard to come by for Ralph and his wife and small son. Ralph’s stepfather, a construction foreman, knew that a large construction project was moving into the area. He knew that in Piketon, Ohio construction was beginning on an atomic enrichment plant.

Ralph’s stepfather suggested that Ralph could earn some extra money to help make ends meet by delivering propane bottles to the construction site part time. He knew that this project was going to be huge and the plans were for it to last three years. Trailer courts were being built to house the great influx of workers so there would be a great need for propane bottles for heating and cooking.

A used pickup was purchased for Ralph to deliver the bottles in and he talked to Bob Litteral to fill the bottles. From then on evenings and weekends were filled with deliveries and from this a new business was born – Arrick’s Bottled Gas.

When the three years of the project were complete and Ralph had earned some extra money, the small family assumed that everything would return to “normal” as they knew it.